How is Chana made?

We are talking about roasted chana. Where does it come from and what happens before it gets into my nursery bag?

Chana, Gram or Chickpea plant
Chana plant growing.

Chana is a legume or pulse, it grows on plants.  Chana peas grow inside seedpods. Each seedpod contains two or three peas.  It is eaten widely in Asia and was used by Ancient Egyptians.  India grows the most Chana worldwide, but they also import the most.  So, it’s safe to say that Indian people love Chana!

Chana plants grow to between 20–50 cm (8–20 inches) high.  They have small feathery leaves on the stem. The flowers are white with blue, violet or pink veins running through the leaves.

Ready to eat roasted chana.  With brown husks and yellowish colour after roasting.
Roasted chana

Chana is ready to harvest or pick 100 days after planting.  The pods can be picked early when the pods are young, green and small.  They’ll taste a bit like snap beans.  If they are going to be dried they wait until the plants leaves have withered and are brown.  then, pick and dry out the whole plant.

Chana is roasted by soaking the peas for several hours, draining them then roasting them in bhattis ovens over a slow heat.  They will turn yellowish and be soft to eat when ready.

We buy most of our Chana from Asian supermarkets in prepacked bags.  Open the bags and pop some into your snack tub. Xxx


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