Why do we Clean our Teeth?

We brush our teeth to keep our mouth clean, just as we wash our face and body.  There are lots of benefits to clean teeth and we’ve tried to think of a few and look up some others.

Healthy primary teeth
Healthy primary teeth

We clean our teeth to:

  • keep them and our gums healthy
  • keep them looking clean, white and sparkly
  • have fresh and smooth teeth when we feel them with our tongue.

If we don’t clean our teeth they decay.  Then, the chances are that your teeth will need fillings, gums get infected with an abscess and nerves in the teeth will become infected and die.  This may then lead to root canal treatment or tooth extraction.

Decaying primary teeth
Decaying primary teeth

This all sounds pretty painful to me.

Gum disease is the largest cause of tooth loss in adults and has been linked to other medical problems such as, heart disease, strokes, diabetes and respiratory (lung) disease.

So, clean your teeth and do your best to have a happy healthy shining smile.

Primary teeth diagram
Primary teeth






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