Why is Pegasus a Horse with Wings?

Artistic Pegaus
Stone Statue of Pegasus

Pegasus is a regular topic for us.  It stems from two Pegasus statues close to home.  One, you can’t miss as it decorates a traffic island.  The other is much smaller yet Kam still spotted it.

He wants to know why Pegasus is a horse with wings.

I’ve suggested that in times long ago story tellers used things around them which they were familiar with to create stories and story characters. For example, many people kept horses.  They used the horses to travel or to work in the fields.  They saw birds fly in the sky and perhaps kept birds to catch rats, small mammals and mice.

“Mummmm, Tell me about Pegasus”

Pegasus is a story character from Greek Mythology. I have to take care here as I know these stories tend towards gruesome. Here, goes.


Pegasus was a flying horse. His father was Poseidon, god of the sea, earthquakes and horses. His mother was Medusa, a monster, who had wings on the side of her head with snakes for hair.

As a horse with wings, Pegasus was valuable – who wouldn’t want to run and fly.  People tried to kidnap him. Fortune was with Pegasus, if there was a kidnap attempt, the gods were there to help him.


Pegasus could not live with Poseidon, his father, because he couldn’t breathe underwater.  He did not want to live with Medusa, his mother, because he didn’t like her or snakes.

Other horses were wary of him because he was different.  He felt as though he had no home or love.  So, although he was safe, he felt lonely.

Pegasus kept busy by saving others. There are stories in which Pegasus carried wounded Greek soldiers safely home from battle.

Stone Statue of Peasus
Stone Statue of Pegasus

Zeus, Poseidon’s brother, was the ruler of thunder and the sky.  He decided to adopt, or look after, Pegasus.

Pegasus went to live on Mount Olympus. Pegasus became the horse that Zeus rode through the stars.  Zeus and Pegasus became best friends. Finally, Pegasus had a home and Zeus had a loyal friend.

Hope this helps.   I don’t know any other stories about Pegasus, yes we can have a look for some.


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