Chose or Choose

Chose or choose meaning
Do I choose or yes, I chose correctly.

Sometimes, for some reason, occasionally I forget whether to chose or choose.

So a reminder post for me:

Choose – pick out or select

  • Choose from a choice of options.
  • Choose from a selection of alternatives.


  • Choose what colour flowers to buy.
  • Choose which park we’ll visit today.

Chose – Past tense of ‘choose’.  It is an either or selection.


  • Kam chose to go to Big Gates not White Wall park.
  • Earlier, Kam chose a drink of water instead of milk.  Later he might choose to drink a glass of milk.

Now, this is just so obvious.  I think it’s the pronunciation of chose and lose that confuses me.  I’m glad I’ve written a handy reminder at last.

My other favourite confusions are lose and loose.  X

Do you have similar confusing words, let me know …


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