Do Worms have Eyes?

Worms glorious worms
Worms glorious worms

Kam loves worms.  He is fascinated by them and is kind to them.

When we see a worm on top of the soil Kam stops to find a suitable leaf to hide it from “thieving, naughty” birds.  It doesn’t matter where we are Kam’s on worm lookout.

Kam’s rescues worms from pavements.  We get a leaf or a twig and move them to grass or soil.  If they look dried then we have to give them a touch of water.

I don’t know why, but he has always done it.   I hope we do help the worms we rescue!

Do worms have eyes?

We’ve looked at the worms we rescue, but we weren’t sure.  We have learnt that worms don’t have eyes.  But, they can process light.  Confused?

Worms do react to light.  They have photoreceptor cells whIch lie inside nerve fibres on their skin These sense or detect light.  They connect to ganglia nerves which send responses to the worms brain.  We call the worm’s brain a ganglion.

Worms need to detect light.   For example, on exposure to sunlight they dry up and die or they are vulnerable to predators such as birds.   The photoreceptors give a ” light alert”‘ then the worm will try to get back to a darker place which is much safer.

A Note to You and Me

Reading about worms has actually been very interesting.  Superficially, you know they are good for the soil, but they are amazing little creatures.  I’m sure there will be more to follow.

If you have enjoyed this out, please like it, it will give Kam a smile!  Off course, if you have anything to add please leave a comment.


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