All alone
child next door
listen to him
through the wall.
Your companion
a plastic crate
come to the window
Yes, we’ll wait.
Wait until
The queue has gone
wait our turn
until they’re done.

The little boy
offers you a crisp
runs off
No, they’re his.
A senseless jibe
at your expense
does he
feel proud,
does he
stand out
from the crowd.
A little girl
pulls a face
just for you –
ugh, you’re ugly
mom I need a poo.
Another says
look at it
what a freak
I feel sick.

It’s our turn
glad we stayed
your big smile
it’s worth the wait.
By the window
your eyes are there
they look at us
I know you care.
You know us
we’ve met before,
we give our hands
touch your domain
against your cage
do we offend?
Behind the window
you are still
look at us
yes you do.
Yes, it’s kam
You remember him?
Some time ago
he took a glove
from his hand
cleaned your window
wiped smears
steam and rain
so you could see
outside again.
He spoke to you
and said
you look so sad,
can I help
change that?
You looked at him
reached his hand
stroked his thumb
looked at me,
I swear a tear was
in your eye
we all felt shivers
deep inside.
Kam stretched his hand
a little more
stroked your thumb
held you too.
Through the pane
we caught
each other’s eyes again
Kam said
I love you
I do.

Orangutan Family

Kam and Mum 2015 ©

A Note to You and Me.

We’ve written this, it did happen and the comments made by other children are real.  Kam and I both heard them.  Kam was sad, it was shocking that over just a few minutes people watching, so to speak, left both of us pondering people!  We’re lucky because we don’t have to watch people exhibits too often, they don’t like the cold!  We like the zoo in the winter – fewer people, sad to say I know.

However, we do love the zoo, (and people really).  For all their rights and wrongs Kam has learnt so much, asks the keepers about missing animals, what they eat, where their real homes are and a host of other questions.

As for the orangutan I wish they were in rehabilitation centres in Borneo and I so wish we could go to one of them.  The Orangutan photo’s are public domain images.  They are taken in a zoo, but not the zoo we visit.

Thanks for stopping by.  If you like this article, please look at some of our others.  We write answers to Kam’s questions and we’ve (Kam’s) decided to write a poem per question as well! A tall task I think.

Kam loves to see that people read our articles.  It would make our day if you let us know what you think or if you have any questions.

PS, yes, I do have orangutan answers to find out about! X



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