Little Star

Orion Nebula

Simple Star
Pin of light
Shines bright
Thru the night
100,000 million inside
the Milky Way,

Is that it
A pin of light.
Chaotic torch
Switched on
1,50 to infinity
million km away.

Twinkle twinkle,
That rhyme again
Scintillate, rewind
Please upgrade.

Zoom, zoom
Zoom in
Zoom more
more & more

Nebula STOP –
cold clouds
filled with
dust & gas –
Shrinking clouds
Bunched up tight
clump together
in chaotic flight
Gravitational attraction
You guessed right.

Clumpy cloud?
That don’t sound right,
No the clumps
Are so hot & dense
Hot nuclear fusion
reactions commence.

At 10 million °C
With such ferocity
Clump no more
Plasma sphere
Of intensity.

I am a star
A star is born

Why it twinkles?
Sends its light
From far away
lights refracts,
(bends a bit)
Earth’s turbulence
causes it.

Twinkle twinkle
Little star
Now we know
What you are.

– Kam and mum 2015 ©

Orion’s Belt

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