Fish and Ears


Why do fisherman
sit silently or whisper,
fish have no ears –
can they hear or
maybe sense jitters.

Fish do hear,
without ear lobes
their inner ear
that’s their
auditory system.

Sound detection
a fleeting chance
escape nifty predators –
protection versus
a gnashing lance.

Water flow &
vibration detection
yikes, that’s their
lateral line system!

The water’s loud,
to the side,
a gentle ride.

So can fish hear
a fisherman whisper
don’t think so unless,
he taps metal
immersed in water.

– Kam and Mum 2015 ©


A Note to You and Me.

We’ve written this after we found answers to one of Kam’s questions – Do fish have ears?  To find out why he asked the question, here is the link: Do Fish have Ears?

Thanks for reading.  As always please let us know if you like our efforts or have anything to add, Kam and I would appreciate it.


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