you had no fear
watching webs
with inquisitive cheer –
look a fly
is it dinner or
will the fly fly?

Mum NO,
don’t touch we’ll
hurt its home.
It works so hard
to spin its web
who are we
for it to begin again:
it’s delicate.

A week ago
on a woodland trek
you caught a spider
for an insect box
sharp and quick
didn’t want to jump in
be careful mum
don’t hurt his leg,
we’ll have to
return him
safely again.
His friends will say
where has he gone
if we release him
by a different log.

A few months ago
a tarantula
on your hand
no bother.
The handler asked
have you done this before
Oh, you’re natural.

A proud mum
hid her fear well
you came towards me
“look mum
he’s cute”
I said “oh yes”
my petrified face
glued to the spot
what would I do
if you asked me to hold
A tarantula too
I’d have no choice
I’d have to persist
hold it for you.

Lucky for me
you gave it back –
one hand in
front of
the other
to form a safety path –
passed to the handler
with deftness too old
the handler said
you can do that again
you said “he tickled”.

A couple of days ago –
it’s all change
a tiny spider away from
its web,
you fretted and
“a spider oh no”
you ran away,
I still can’t believe it
where is
this from?
How can it be
this baseless
unfathomable fear –
“from play school mum
they don’t like them there”.

Why don’t you tell them
there’s nothing to fear
a tiny house spider
in England,
there’s nothing to fear.

we have to build
your resistance again,
so mom’s on the
lookout for webs
with their
eye catching glint,
not too big ‘cus
have to stand strong
won’t pass my fear
thru to you
fingers crossed
it won’t take

– Kam and Mum 2015 ©


We do have a photo of the real Kam tarantula, which again we will add later, maybe a while later!

We hope you have enjoyed this post.  We’d love you to have a look round our blog.  We’d love to hear from you, Kam loves it! X

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