Little Bird’s Nest

Mum, I just, absolutely
must, borrow your shoes.
I need to protect
A little bird’s nest.

Why what’s the matter
What’s happened to it?
It’s on top of the chimney
It must move quick.

Sir Gadabout’s ready,
Uniform shiny & slick.
But the shoes Kam
They really don’t fit.

They’re quick to put on
It’s an emergency see –
A fire in the chimney means
Roast bird for tea

My suit will frighten him
Armour’s scary .. you agree?
It’ll have to move &;
Build a nest in a tree.


– Kam and Mum 2015 ©

A note to You and Me

It was so funny.  Grandad said there’s a bird’s nest on top of the chimney.  Kam said will they stay there?

I said no, they’ll move to a tree where it’s warm and cosy, (meaning less exposure to the elements).

Kam’s reply, warm, they won’t be warm when the fire’s lit; they will be too much hot!  That’s when he began his relocation mission.

I laughed a lot.


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