Visible Planets May 2015 – Mercury and Venus

PlanetsIn April, we wrote about which planets we would be able to see in the sky.  This is May’s post and I hope we get to use it.  It has been a useful post and we even took our own Jupiter photo. (It is in the link given below, but is not a NASA masterpiece!

These are the links for those posts:

Visible Planets and Visible Planets May 2015 – Mars, Jupiter and Saturn

Here are the links for July: Visible Planets July 2015 – Mercury and Venus and Visible Planets July 2015 – Mars, Jupiter and Saturn



Mercury’s colour is yellowish, orange or pinkish.  Its hue comes from the sunrise or sunset sky colours.  It is a pinpoint of light, almost star like.

Planets do not usually twinkle or scintillate.  Mercury is an exception to this.  It’s a small planet and closer to the Sun than Earth. When it is low in the sky and very close to the horizon light pierces the atmosphere at an acute angle.  This makes the light scatters more. Mercury scintillates because of this.

Mercury – as at May 2015

Mercury close to horizon
Mercury close to horizon

Mercury is best seen in a clear sky, half an hour or so before sunrise or after sunset.

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun or our innermost planet.  It stays close to the sun in the sky.  We see it close to where the Sun is due to rise or where it has just set.

In the Northern Hemisphere, early May is the best time this year to see Mercury.  The best chances are in the evening from May 7th.  It sets close after sunset, so be quick!

In the Northern Hemisphere, Mercury is in the evening sky from the start of May for most of the month.



Venus is the closest planet in size to Earth.

It reflects sunlight with a bright silver color. It is the brightest object in the night sky after the moon and is sometimes mistaken for a UFO.  It’s the brightest planet because it is the closest to Earth.

Venus is a yellowish, white colour.

The best time to see Venus is just after sunset and right before sunrise. It is closer to the Sun than Earth, so like Mercury the sun’s glare obscures it during the day and it is not usually seen late at night.

Venus – as at May 2015

Moon, Venus and Mercury
Moon, Venus and Mercury

Venus is in the west from dusk until late evening. It is the brightest object in the sky other than the sun and moon.  

Venus – the brightest planet and third-brightest celestial luminary overall (after the sun and moon), climbs high into the sky at sunset and sets in late evening, (later than in April).

Through May 2015, Venus beams very brightly as it gets dark. In mid / late May Venus will be close to the moon.  This will be around May 21st.


A Note to You and Me

Mercury and Venus are two of the five visible planets from Earth.  Here is the link for the Mars, Jupiter and Saturn post:

For us, there is too much information otherwise, mum can only cope with so much at once.

As always, thanks for reading and if you like it, can add to it or would like to say hello, please do so below.  x



4 thoughts on “Visible Planets May 2015 – Mercury and Venus

  1. quirkyintrovert May 5, 2015 / 22:12

    This is a useful post. Unfortunately, there are too many buildings and sources of light where I’m at, but if I’m ever somewhere where I can gaze at the sky, I’ll look out for planets.

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    • Kamtime May 6, 2015 / 17:48

      Kam says, you need to go to the country side, little ones don’t you love them! Big smile from him.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Kamtime May 8, 2015 / 13:53

        Smile, if he (we) could I am sure he would. we’re lucky, we live on the edge of a conurbation and countryside, so we get the best of both. X

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