The Insect Crusade

Bumble beeInsects are great
Keep gardens clean
Ok, some are not
They give us disease

A tiny worm
Lost on the path
Watch where you step
Don’t squash him in half

He’s good for the garden
Keeps soil aerated & fresh
Pick him up, put him back
Quick, he’ll dehydrate
(Or get pecked)

A bumble bee
Who eats all the pollen
Is stuck in the drain
Water’s his problem

Wings are buzzing
Save him quick
A stick and leaf
Gently does it

Get to the sunlight
He’s got to dry out
Near to the nectar
Where food is about

Nectar and pollen
Are they the same?
No nectar is liquid
Pollen’s a powder

A snail in his shell
A bird eyes him up
He’ll tap & snap him
And eat him, he’s grub

Where can I put him
Not under cabbage
(Eat those for tea)
A pot in the hedge.
Little bird, go eat my seeds.

– Kam and Mum 2015 ©

Bird seed

A Note To You and Me

Kam is an avid worm saver, bee saver, slug and snail saver. In fact, an insect saver. We’re going to take photos from now on, so we can show you.

Within the last week we’ve saved 3 worms, a snail and the little bumble bee was one of 3 bee saves last summer!

Thank you for reading our poem. We have loads of Kam’s questions. Slowly but surely, were finding some answers as well!  Have a look through our blog, we’d love you to.

We’ve written a couple of poems about Kam’s animal endeavours.
Here are the links:
Little Bird’s Nest and
Humanity – about Kam’s relationship with an Orangutan.

We’d love to hear you, I can’t emphasise it enough, it helps Kam to realise hard work and good things are good! x


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