The Caterpillar Crusade


Kam’s crusade
soldiers on
to save wildlife
from lots of harm.

This little caterpillar
nearly got squished
by children at nursery
who were scared
out of their wits.

Our shining knight
said “oh no you don’t
you can’t hurt him
it’s his home as well.”

Kam stood between
him & the danger within
then picked him up –
“it’s ok, leave this to me
I’ll rescue him.”

You held him gently
to the teacher you said
“we must look after him
otherwise he’s dead.”

The children wandered
what you wanted to do –
just save him
so he can live
like me and you.

Together you found
a little pink box
in it went cucumber
leaves, twigs and rocks.

Snuggled & cosy
tucked up tight
recover recuperate
eat your food
all day & night.

“Mummmm hello”

“Meet my caterpillar
rescued him today
look at the children
they want him to stay.”

But, he can’t stay long
next he’s a chrysalis
hangs from a twig –
must go outside
to get ready to fly.

“Mum, we listened to
A Caterpillar story
Today, a poster on the wall
so why hurt one at all?”

One’s in a story book
it’s hard to relate
to real life you see –
you’ve shown them
it’s not make-believe.

– Kam and Mum 2015 ©

Hungry caterpillar

Let’s see what happens next.
Somehow me thinks we’ll have a pet caterpillar this weekend!

Thank you for reading our poem.  We’d love you to read some of our other poems, let us know if you like them, we love to hear from you. x


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