Lily Pond

Here’s a story
I pondered today
it’s about Kscafte
who came to stay

In the lily pond
in the park
he was there
before it was dark

I’m thinking
a place
I stay
watching lilies
no pamposh

A home-made rod
of twine & a stick
I’ll give him a miss

What’s Kscafte?
A fish with a pledge
to keep safe children
away from the edge

A special piranha
professional & pleased
to eat the toes
of children he sees

Oh, I can swim.
In a swimming pool
yes, in all other water
Kscafte’s the best

Water’s dangerous
trolleys, logs with reeds
then there’s the Kscafte
who’ll eat up to your knees

Back to
the lily pond
reminds me
of a place
I know
I fish
on the
with a
home-made rod
on a
working boat.

– Kam and Mum 2015 ©



2 thoughts on “Lily Pond

    • Kamtime May 17, 2015 / 12:13

      Kam thinks so! Hopefully it will keep him safer if he thinks a fish will bite up to his knees, giggle. X

      Liked by 1 person

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