A Mum’s Fear

What if something
Should happen to me
Who the hell
Would look after you

A boy with a future
A brain untapped
A canvas to fill
That would be snapped

It frightens me
As there’s no one else
To understand your situation
Or who knows you so well

Lets you grow
As need desires
Give you freedom
So you inspire

Your family here
Would give you to
Your family there
They think it’s right

They don’t understand
Political games
A two faced situation
To your detriment

They’d strip your assets
Your self esteem
Your curious excitement
Your human being

Can I leave
My wishes
What wishes
She’s gone

Would your dad
Look after you
He’d fight a battle
Yet destined to lose

– Kam and Mum 2015 ©

Thanks for reading. We have written a few more poems here: Poetry

As part of Blogging 101: Our audience is simply who enjoys.  Our writings are Kamran’s curious questions, mum’s answers, poems as perhaps part of his journey.  I don’t know yet.


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