Jewel of the Crown

Years ago
Toddler in tow
Trudge & traipse
All over the place

Cold, howling rain
Memories fresh
Oh my goodness
Time to do it again

A lifetime of memories
Have walked on this
Muddy prints, laughter
Tears, tea, bliss

Off we go
Warehouses big and cold
Offcuts galore
Never fit or sorry sold

Way back when
Babe in arms
An escalator scales
The department store

Lights to attract
Happy smells
Feel good factor
Not even cold

There it was
Jewel of the crown
Glitter gold
Vibrant bold

Eyes met
With a glint
That’s it
Stared ….
That’s it
Be quick
Round the escalator
Again and again
Hanging in
Still there
We love it
Be quick

Not blue –
Red or green?
Which one
Remains to be seen

That’s the one
Finished finito
After months
It’s done

Buy it, oh gosh
That’s a lot
Keep it, store it
Please, we’re not
Ready for its spot

Lifetime of memories
Don’t want it to go
Can’t buy it now
No longer a jewel
Or a crown
Lost to the depths
Of history
That time warped crown

Grandson in tow
Nothing bold & bright
Holes in it, (well covered)
That’ll do tonight

– Kam and Mum 2015 ©

Gran’s carpet and the dilemas of getting a new one, although Kam loves jumping and playing hopscotch across it, so all is not lost.

Thanks for reading our poem. We’d love you
to look at our other


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