A Blue Moon

Sunset – River of Lava

This weekend we have had a lovely time camping in Devon.

It was a last minute thing and we loved it. Especially for children, the campsite had a lovely play park and a large field to fly kites and run around.  Even though mum let go of the kite and had to rescue it from the farmer’s field next door – Kam didn’t though.

We went on the beach during the daytime and in the evening cooked dinner by the tent. Kam thoroughly enjoyed himself.
It did rain, the tent leaked a bit, but the sun did shine.  The sunset was glorious – it looked like a river of lava.  Luckily the rain did stop, the clouds disappeared and the most magnificent Moon appeared, it was huge and so bright it lit up the campsite.

We were lucky to have had our weekend away with such lovely skies.

It turned out that the moon we saw was a blue moon, so what is a blue moon?

Our Blue Moon?

Blue Moon – Kam and Mum

This is our blue moon taken on the 31st July 2015.  It was so large and bright.  We were lucky to see it, there was so much cloud about we didn’t see it again!



What is a Blue Moon?

In astronomy, a Blue Moon has two possibilities, the first definition is a modern adopted definition and the second is the older meaning.  It seems that the experts that be have many a debate of which meaning is truer.

  1. the second full moon in a calendar month or,
  2. the third of four full moons within a season.

Our moon above is a Blue Moon – the second full moon in a calendar month.



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