Andromeda, a Princess

Andromeda constellation: WIKI
I wish I could
Go to space
In a space suit
Aboard a rocket ship

To see the stars
Planets & cosmic rays,
Maybe meet Andromeda
On the way

Andromeda the
Brave princess,-
Her mom and dad
How could they …

Leave her that day
For Cetus sea monster
To eat her
As his prey

Thank you Perseus
You rescued your princess,
Trapped in chains
Amidst a stormy sea

I’ll work it out,
How you cut her free
I’m glad you did
You both lived happily

Queen Cassiopeia
Forever on your chair
Watch your princess
With her prince,
For all eternity

– Kam and Mum 2015 ©

Kam went to the Museum of Iron in Ironbridge and was horrified by the fate of Andromeda.  Soon after we were lucky to go camping where we had a beautiful view of the Stars and saw Perseus, Cassiopeia and Andromeda.

Kam began to create his own poem.  This is the finished poem, we hope you enjoy it.

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We have written about Andromeda, this is the link: Andromeda, who was she?


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