The Ironbridge


Abraham Darby III
Who was he?
An iron master
Born in 1750

Famous in Shropshire
Then the world
The Industrial Revolution
His part will unfold.

(An expert family founders
Of Coalbrookdale ironworks
They’d smelted iron
With coke in 1709)

Thomas Farnolls Pritchard
Designed it
Abraham Darby III cast it
Now we’re in 1779

The world’s first
Cast iron bridge
Sectioned together with
Dovetail joint techniques


– Kam and Mum 2015 ©

After our recent visits to Ironbridge, Kam has spoken about the Ironbridge.  The first photo is Kam at the Ironbridge, the second is the furnace used to smelt iron.

We’ve written a poem to keep our memories fresh.
Kam wants to visit again, so we’ll see what we can do.
Thank you for reading,

We’d love you to take a look at some of our Poems.


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