Planet Venus

Venus and earth

Venus is hot
What keeps your heat in?
Hotter than Mercury
Who is closer
To the Sun’s skin.

Venus you’re hot
Surface temp. of 462°C
A hottie melt hearts,
Yet you melt lead too!

Earth’s sister planet
In size & in mass,
But in atmosphere – sisters?
No, you’re chalk ‘n cheese.

Your dense atmosphere
(96.5% CO2) traps heat in,
A cruel greenhouse effect;
Perhaps Earth’s destiny?

Venus so bright
In the night sky –
Dense cloudy atmosphere
Lets you reflect 70% sunlight.

Venus stands straight
Upright and strong
Tiny tilt means seasons
Hardly vary at all.

In the night sky
Second to the moon
You shine on us
Oh how we swoon

Venus’s Roman
Aphrodite’s Greek
To both she’s same same
Beauty love & persuasive mystique.

– Kam and Mum 2015 ©


Thank you for reading.

We have learn about Venus, so we will add another poem in the future.

We’d love you to look at our other Poems


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