My Grandad

My Grandad
You’re the best
You’ve found your
Place to rest.
I miss you,
I love you
Don’t fret,
I’m strong,
I’ll make it through,
Granny misses you, you see;
She gets my hugs
To cheer her up
One from you
And one from me.

Who’ll teach me bow & arrow
To shoot a target
Not a tree?
Who’ll mend arrows
Or help me
Polish shoes with glee?

You took me to your fishing lake
You bought a fishing hat
You sewed a press stood on it
You did it just for me –
I’m proud to wear that.

I took you to the lily pond
But Kscafte,
You couldn’t catch
“He keeps children safe” I said
You looked at me
As though I was mad.

Instead we played Dads Army
Inside the air raid shelter
We wore those black & white tin hats
I was the air raid warden
“Blackout the windows
It’s wartime don’t you know.”
After that an ice cream
And then we hugged a tree.
I looked at you
With pure devotion
You’re my grandad
Don’t you see.

You planned your garden
With precision,
Scaled.., technical…,
Every year a plan
Broccoli & cabbage …….
Onions – the biggest I can;
One year that plan
It went awry
After that it was
Written loud & clear:
Precise –


We dug the garden
Planted veg
Watered every day
I watered on my own
Dug a hole
To grow a plant
Or save worms from
The yummy compost pit,
I’d be in trouble;
But now you’ll see
You didn’t know it then,
I helped them live
To be free.

You told me stories
Of when you were you young
You told me sometimes
Quiet is best
Or feel the gamekeeper’s wrath
To your lament:

“H there’s foxes”
“Brian where, I don’t see”
Barney’s ears steamed
Beware, just like Captain Mainwaring
“What’s your plan
You bloody townies
The fox is sharp
Now, he’s battoned down”.

“Oh dear, Barney
Why are you red
Pistons in your ears?”
Off we go, see you soon

He gestured, pointed,
“My f*** fingers,”
“They’re on your hand:
Oh my **,
They’re trapped
Inside the window pane
They’re coming to town with me.”
HELL quick unwind OR
It’ll be dreaded stop duty
For me next time.

You told me about my great great uncles
Lawson and Teddy too
How they fought in different wars
And died before they knew you;

(Lawson while you were very small,
Teddy you weren’t even born).

You told me of the German enemy
How they were a fiesty foe:
“But, I must be careful
‘Cus sometimes,
They buy me icecream
In the places where I go!”

Your cricket genes are in me too,
I’d hit a six as you bowled to me
The most important cricket lesson
I will learn,
I remember all the time:
“Watch the ball and
Know your fielding line.”

You pushed me in the swings
When I was little,
You pushed me in the swings
When I was big,
You pushed me in the swings
In the rain, wind & snow,
I loved it when you did.
I loved it when you
Were at the park
Because you’re my grandad
I’m proud:
You pushed me to the sky
And even, when it was dark.

The day I was born
You held me
With that grin from ear to ear
Those Nepali eyes sparkling tight
Double thumbs up for me.

You sat on the hearth
Me on your knee
A quiet little lamb
I would be.
I lay by the fire
Most times, by your side
Helped you read the paper
Even Sudoku puzzles on the sly!
We loved to watch the cricket
If it was on TV
“Grandad that was wide
But, I’d have hit a six!”

I’m so proud of
My black fleece jacket,
– Grandad wear yours too;
Now, I just need your tie
To be just like you.

You were a mountain climber,
Held your own with the best,
Oggy cot moutain rescue team
Meant those cops were your best friend.
No helicopters, mobile or gps
Two feet, .. experience, .. intuition
They’re the best –
On the mountain side
Crazy weathers
Where even the SAS died.

You’d canoed across Ogwen Lake
“Drink canoeing,
Give me a break,
Who does the bloody mountain rescues
Above this cold freezing lake?!”

You could have played cricket
With the best, watched by all on TV.
You were a fisherman, a walker,
As a pianist it was a pleasure.
Yet your ribs were broken
By a nasty Jujitsu player.
Snoooker and billiards
In Chantry Lane –
You’d put the money down
Plant the seed
“A kid what is this,”
You hooked them in
Took the bet
Told your dad
“See, the quickest 50 yet!”

To me, you are my grandad
You came to the zoo with me.
You came to nursery where
I’d run to you, yippy,
You helped me paint my pictures
At funny light nursery,
Then you’d drink a cup of tea.
.. And you didn’t like it
When the bully hit me;
When Lizzie
Asked who you were,
I butted in & said
“He’s my grandad.
Come in and play with me.”

One time, after swimming,
You came to bring us home,
For an hour we waited patiently,
“Where’s Grandad mum,
Usually, he’s not this late.”
Then, we saw you driving by
Not once, or twice or thrice,
How I shouted so very loud,
“Grandad, we’re here, it’s me.”
You jumped up in your driver seat
As you heard me scream,
You had to drive to turn around
Although, I began to cry,
And shouted to a gentleman
“Thats’s my Grandad,
Is he driving back to me”.
Of course you did,
With that grin from ear to ear
Those Nepali eyes sparkling tight
Laughing, smiling, shining,
Double thumbs up for me,
“Yes, he’s my grandson,
He’s a caution, just like me.”

“Grandad there are so many stories,
I could tell them to you all day;
But most of all I love you
That’s what I want to say.”

Grandad I love you.
I love you, I miss you
Don’t fret, I’m strong
I’ll make it through;
Granny misses you, you see,
She gets my hugs to cheer her up
One from you and one from me

I’ll watch for you
On Jupiter
And check upon the Moon
‘Cus soon your
Body will join
Your spirit,
Your soul;
Become another part of
Our great Universe
Up there in outer space.


– Kam and Mum January 2016 ©

(Read by me for you at grandad’s funeral, so you both could have your say. Grandad, we love you very much xx)


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