Those Nepali Eyes

Mars, Earth’s Moon, Venus and Saturn – Nov 5th 2016.

Those Nepali eyes
Are shining bright
I think it must be you.

Who’s made me procrastinate,
Provided real problems,
Put obstacles in the way –
So departure was denied
Until the time was right.

You’ve put the right people
Clearly in the way
Each one of them
When the time was right!

I think you wanted me to
See the reality for
The little boy & I.
Until now I’ve left too early
Before the jigsaw fitted in
(Or, as I’ve been about
To lose my mind).

You’ve never been over here
In an aeroplane
But this time
I believe you have
On a plane from Outer Space.

Why did I bring Kipling
You gave that to me
In India, that’s long gone history.
We’ve seen so many mongooses
(in the wild)
For the first time in our lives.

Here I found your writing
‘Dec 2010’ on a photo,
When your ‘little caution’,
Was a smiley babe.

Then I unearthed
Your protection
That new year resolution
This time it’s strong for me.

Almost every afternoon
We’ve sat out on the beach
And watched the sun go down.
Then every time you come to me
As we’ve watched
Venus, Mars then, Saturn
+You stamped your feet
Then came Mercury.
Every time I’ve looked at them
The aura has been strong.
To put it simply
Who taught me about the planets
How to spot them in the sky
Now, you’re shouting out to me.

+++(You taught me in the cricket fields
+++When I was little
+++In the garden when I was big
+++Then you taught the little boy
+++– Walking to the village
++++There’s Venus you’d say.
+++Now, I teach your grandson
+++He’s more like you than me,
+++Yet, he still wants his telescope
+++++(His money for that got nicked),
+++That’s no problem
+++I’ll sort it out but,
+++But, beware he’ll look for you
+++Up there in Outer Space.)

I looked for Jupiter
In the dead of night –
The five visible planets
How strong is that!
Just then,
Then the little boy
Saw Orion’s Belt
At what, …..
Exactly the right time,
Then he found a coconut
In which you lie;
It’s nearly blown my mind! 😂

When I said what I had to say
When the path was clear
I lay down to go to sleep
And there you were again.

My dad I cannot
Thank you
This time I’m sure
We will be fine,
And whatever the future brings
You’re always on my mind.

I hope you find your peace
And your place to rest,
But if you ever feel like coming back
Tap me on the back again.
I’ll do my best to listen
To watch for any hints
I’ll do my best with the little boy
To find happiness
To make you proud.

Here is an addendum:
+++The only thing I have to say –
+++“You’re absolutely right.
+++The hardest thing
+++About it is:
+++To have:
+++The perfect dad
+++Flash before my eyes
+++Not once but twice
+++In a glitch in time.
+++That really is a compliment
+++To not one but two.

+If you ever read this
+And ever feel alone
+Then please What’s App me
+I’d be proud to take you home.”


Kam & Mum 2016©


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