Wallowing Hippo


Kam and I found this awesome hippo in a rock pool.  Actually, Kam found it.  I thought he’d used stones for eyes.  This wasn’t the case, they were two tiny sea snails snug and tight, if somewhat exposed,  waiting for the tide to come in.


Why are Clouds Grey?

imageWe’ve found out about clouds and why clouds are white in earlier posts.  I anticipated what the next question would be – mixing paint does not make white – ha, wrong or at least not the first question asked.
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Why are Clouds White?

White clouds against a beautiful blue sky
White clouds against a beautiful blue sky

Kam loves clouds and the skies.

“Mum, yes Kam”
“Why are clouds in the sky”
“Well, they bring rain.”
“No, not the grey clouds, the white ones, they look like stars, but very close.”
“White clouds are full of water droplets, the same as grey rain clouds.”
“They can’t be, water is clear and you can see through it. The white clouds are white, not clear.  Why are clouds white?”
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Do Fish Sleep?

I’m not sure what prompted Kam to ask this question.  Perhaps it’s because we saw fish in the pond at the park, (see our post do fish have ears?).  Nevertheless it’s a question asked – several times now.

Fish and Brain Patterns

imageFish do rest, but whether they sleep depends upon how you define sleep.

When people sleep there are specific changes which occur to brain wave patterns and ar processed in the brain’s neocortex area.  Fishes don’t have advanced neocortical development, they don’t display the associated brain-wave sleep patterns. 

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What are Clouds?

Kam’s cloud question is about their colour. He wants to know why clouds are white.  So, I thought it’s probably wise to find out about what clouds are, before we look at why they are white.

How Clouds Form

Water vapour and salt particles
Water vapour condensing on Ocean salt particles:NASA

Clouds form when water vapour in the air condenses into water droplets or ice crystals.

The atmosphere contains microscopic (tiny, tiny, tiny) dust particles, called aerosols.

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Do Worms have Eyes?

Worms glorious worms
Worms glorious worms

Kam loves worms.  He is fascinated by them and is kind to them.

When we see a worm on top of the soil Kam stops to find a suitable leaf to hide it from “thieving, naughty” birds.  It doesn’t matter where we are Kam’s on worm lookout.

Kam’s rescues worms from pavements.  We get a leaf or a twig and move them to grass or soil.  If they look dried then we have to give them a touch of water.
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What are Scabs?

Kam doesn’t fall over often.  So, it’s rare for him to have scabs.  This week he’s had chicken pox.  Inevitably he does have a few scabs.   So, instead of occasional scab questions I’ve been asked loads of them.

I’ve always told him his scabs are his very own body plasters and they are much better than shop plasters. They are very clever plasters because they cover wounds, heal skin and fight infection and baddie bacteria all at the same time.

We’ve found lots more scab information:

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