Andromeda, a Princess

Andromeda constellation: WIKI
I wish I could
Go to space
In a space suit
Aboard a rocket ship

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Andromeda, Who Was She?

We have another character from Greek Mythology to investigate. How did this happen?

Pose practise
Posing, posing and more posing.

Well, we visited Enginuity, a hands on science exploration centre in Coalbrookdale, Shropshire. It is excellent for all ages and we highly recommend it.  First though, we visited the museum next door, The Museum of Iron.

I didn’t expect Kam to show any interest in it because it’s a series of displays and exhibits to show items made of Iron. Great for adults with an interest or children on a school research visit, but for a 4 year old.  Well, a surprise is always lovely.

A few things caught Kam’s eye, particularly a statue of Andromeda chained to a rock.
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