What is gravity
It’s the best
A force that brings
Us down to rest.

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What is g-force?

A question about g-force. Why?

Atlantis Shuttle Launch:ISS
Atlantis Shuttle Launch:ISS

Simply because Kam’s wetsuit has g-force written across the front of it. ┬áHere is a conversation between Kam and the swimming pool lifeguard.
“hello g-force”
“Hello, why do you call me g-force, my name is Kam”.
“Oh, but g-force is a great name, it’s a super power”.

Oh my, that’s it. Kam, the super powered 4 year old swimmer. (He can swim, he’s competent, and learning his strokes.)

Kam presses his super power button – “Turn on the g-force super power, catch me if you can”.
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What is Gravity?

Kam’s question about g force has led me to write about gravity first. The g force post will be our next post.

What is Gravity?

Gravity is a force, here attracting or pulling objects to Earth

Gravity is the force that keeps us on Earth’s surface.

  • Without the force of gravity, we would fall off and float away from beloved planet Earth, with it we are safely grounded.
  • When you throw a ball in the air, gravity makes it fall back to Earth, then you can catch it.
  • Some objects, like the Earth and the Sun, have more gravity than others.
  • Tides are caused by the rotation of the Earth and the gravitational effects of the Moon and Sun.
  • Life on Earth could not exist without gravity.

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