What are Jelly Cubes made from?

imageA while ago Kam made a jelly with his gran.  That led to a question about jelly and whether it melts or dissolves.  We wrote a post about this.

Yesterday Kam made another jelly with gran.
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Do Jelly Cubes Dissolve or Melt?

Jelly cubes dissolve
Dissolving Jelly Cubes

Hum, another brain teaser for us to ponder over.

We’ve been making jelly with gran.  You’ve been fascinated by the jelly cubes – look they have dissolved, how long will it take to set into a wibbly wobbly jelly and a host of other questions.

Well, let the investigations begin.  Do they dissolve or do they melt, why does the jelly set, how long does it take?
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